Best Breeds Of Police Dogs

The man and the dog work together side by side for thousands of years. As human society changes and develops, so did dogs to keep pace and getting more and more involved in as many aspects of human life as possible. Dog not only offers a company but also does different tasks and fulfills different missions.

Some of the most wanted, industrious and appreciated dogs are police dogs. There are several breeds of police dogs that can track offenders, discover illegal substances and objects, and perform other tasks that can not be completed by humans with such ease and precision.

Training is necessary, but some types of dogs are born to work with the police.

Certain dog breeds have proven to be suitable to practice as a police dog. Either by their physical qualities or by their ability to learn, we can talk about appropriate races to carry out these tasks.

German Shepherd

The line of the German shepherd is very old, it goes back to the seventh century. In the 80s of the twentieth century, it was usual to see it in the gardens of Spanish homes. Nowadays it is the police dog breed par excellence.

He is the chosen one in the famous K9 body. Its considerable size and great agility, make it ideal as a police dog and in the army. He is very obedient and loyal to the trainer, which facilitates his learning.

His qualities make him a good assistance dog, guide, guardian, pet for children.

Belgian Shepherd Malinois

The German Shepherd is not alone as a defender of the law. He has a great companion in the Belgian Shepherd Malinois. This breed of the police dog is originally from the Belgian region of Malines. Both dogs share their origin dedicated to grazing, size, intelligence,

Dutch Shepherd

Another breed used as a police dog is the Dutch shepherd. He is excellent at detecting drugs and explosives because of his nose, but he is also good at patrolling.


Although there are doubts about its origin (some claim that it comes from Belgium), what is clear is that the Boxer is an excellent police dog for its strength, its ability to adapt, its intelligence, its courage, and agility.

Its most remote ancestor is the Bullenbeiser, which was crossed with the Bulldog, who in its origins was used to harass the bulls, hence its name. Fruit of this crossing emerged the current Boxer.


This breed comes from the German region of Rottweil, where it was about to disappear. Despite being a dog of a great constitution, the character of the Rottweiler is calm and with proven psychological abilities. In fact, it can intuit and detect the bad intentions of intruders or criminals.

This breed of police dog stands out for its obedience, agility (despite its size), ability to work, resistance.

All these police dog breeds share common characteristics: they are agile, relatively robust, obedient, calm, sacrificed and intelligent. They deserve our respect and collaboration since they live and work to help citizens.