What To Consider Before Getting A Watchdog

You need to inform yourself before selecting a watchdog or defense dog

To ensure the protection of their masters or the well being of their home, certain breeds of dogs can prove to be very effective at protecting it.

But this requires training them properly and assuming full responsibility for them, whether that is financial or otherwise. While knowing that they will help you for over 10 years at least.

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Why Get a Watchdog?

By instinct, a dog is naturally inclined to defend its territory as well as its masters, which it associates with the dominant males within its family (you). In addition, some breeds have been selected to develop these qualities more than others.

These are therefore especially designed to keep your home or to protect you on the street.
However, within the same breed, all dogs do not exhibit such traits to the same degree. And the usage of a dog trainer will better show them while teaching the master what behaviors to adapt to get them to obey you.

watchdogFor what is only a minor inconvenience with a small dog can become the source of serious accidents with larger size dogs. The training must, therefore, be irreproachable, as well as the authority you exercise towards him.

Consequently, the deterrent effect of a potential burglar or criminal may prove very useful. But it must not be the only reason for you to get a dog: since it will share your life and that of your loved ones for several years, you must also adore their company, and that he himself loves them in return, without being aggressive.

This last point is especially important if you have children.

Don’t forget the responsibility that ensues: your dog must be fed and cared for regularly, and cannot be left alone at home for long periods of time.

Best Breeds Of Guard Dogs

The German Shepherd, renowned for his sense of obedience and intelligence, which makes him a good fit for many services, such as guarding but also relief and protection.

The Belgian shepherd, with qualities that are close to the German shepherd but which requires a good hold by the master.

The Doberman, who is sometimes difficult to train, but whose reputation and resistance are a good guarantee against burglars or potential aggressors.

These breeds are generally considered by specialists to be the most suitable for protection. But others can do the trick: boxers, shepherds. The important thing to remember is that they receive a good education, that you know how to control them and that they please you because a dog needs the authority.

And the affection of his master to make his life complete.

What You Must Do As An Owner

Apart from the so-called dangerous dogs that are restricted by the law, the fact of being the owner of a dog makes for certain legal obligations on you, which take on special importance, especially if the dog was to ever hurt an aggressor.

Thus, you must be covered by insurance to protect yourself in the event of an accident. This insurance covers the damage done by your dog if he escapes from your home, as well as any injury that does not fall within the scope of self-defense.

This applies only if: A someone violated your right of ownership.

For example, someone breaks into your house. In addition, you should not allow your dog to wander in the public space, nor should it be a nuisance for the neighborhood with its barking and howling.

One measure you can take is to get a good escape proof canine enclosure to stop your pet from getting out and causing problems in the neighborhood.

Where Do You Find A Watchdog

To buy your dog, it is better not to go to a commercial pet store. Puppies are often separated too early from their mothers, which can be a problem when it comes to their health.

The ideal scenario is to contact a breeder with a well-established reputation, who spends time with the puppies to get them used to human presence. He must be able to advise you on your choice and to learn about the background of the parents or grandparents of the puppies, particularly in terms of potential diseases.